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We promote understanding and appreciation of diverse Anatolian cultures in the Bay Area and beyond!

Our mission is to sponsor, encourage, and celebrate Anatolian Arts and Culture through events, research, and educational activities for local and global audiences. We aim to provide an open space where ideas are exchanged, participation and collaborations of diverse communities are encouraged, and imagination and new possibilities are ignited.


Anatolian Arts is a non-governmental, grassroots arts organization. The objective is to start international cultural cooperation and acknowledgment around Anatolian Arts, bringing together communities that enjoy and cultivate this rich culture.

Our expanding team is composed of academicians, artists, creatives, independent researchers, who are/were part of this vast heritage, and people who feel a connection to Anatolia.

We are avid promoters of handcrafts. Our programs will provide sustainable mediums for extinguishing handcrafts in Anatolia, and will encourage and support artisans and collectives.

Creating a non-discriminatory, non-conflictual, all-embracing space is crucial for us. In this sense, for us, art is a means for cultural sharing, bringing together diverse communities.

We are committed to giving priority to underserved groups. While creating our programs, we will consider the needs of those communities and support their visibility.

We are a women-founded initiative. We claim women's and diverse genders' space in our organizational structure, empowering them as leaders, artists, or community members.

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